The World Needs Another Soccer Blog

This is our inaugural post, so we suppose we should give our mission statement and a brief example of what you can expect to be reading from us from now on. Yet, we don’t give a good goddamn what we should or shouldn’t do. Therefore, we aren’t going to give you what you expect. Ever. And yet… we just have. Ay, there’s the rub! In not giving you what you expected, we have inadvertently given you the example of what you can expect, and yet because we aren’t going to give you what you expect we’re feeding back into it. It’s all a terribly confusing catch 22 that’s really not worth the effort to figure it out. So stop trying.

If you want insider soccer scoops, and breaking news, go to Soccer by Ives.

If you want to read post after post of verbal handjobs given to someone’s favorite team, go visit any of the thousand fanblogs and forum posts clogging up the tubes of the interweb on BigSoccer.

However, if you want to read the sarcastic nonsensical ramblings of two jaded twentysomethings in various stages of intoxication, which are chock full of cursing, bitching moaning and whining (though not necessarily always in that order) about why FIFA 08’s AI still sucks, and tasteless gay jokes about Landon Donovan… welcome home.


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