A Second, Surlier Introduction

Welcome to Your Club Is Rubbish. Wonderful title, isn’t it? Sounds like two “Yanks” trying to sound “authentic,” whatever the fuck that means.

Oddly enough, that’s exactly what this is. Huh. Weird. Moving right along…

My colleague Arriaga seemed to mention in his first post that we were going to post in “various stages of intoxication,” which sounded pretty good to me…so I’ve cracked open a beer, lit up a “fag” (there’s that being “authentic” again!), and gotten right down to work. Click the “more” button if you’re so inclined…

Right then. Let’s get some things out in the open as quickly as possible.

DC United – Shit.

NE Revolution – Shit.

LA Galaxy – Shit.

Toronto FC – Shit.

Manchester United – Shit.

West Ham – Shit.

Palace – Shit.

Chelsea – Shit.

Tottenham – Deluded Shit.

Millwall – Shit.

Marseilles – Shit.

Celtic – Shit.

Aberdeen – Shit.

Any team from Italy or Spain – Shit.

For the record, I am a “fan” of the following teams – Chicago Fire, Charlton Athletic, Rangers, and PSG. I also keep a place in my heart for Gillingham – please keep the pikey jokes to a minimum and draw whatever conclusions you will about my politics from that list of teams. Who knows? You might be right, you might be wrong. Isn’t that half the fun?

Essentially what I’m saying here is that if you expect me to be impartial you can fuck right off. I’ve also taken the privilege to add a few more blogs to the blogroll – including one or two Charlton blogs. Deal.

In closing, you are most likely a glory-hunting, overpriced replica shirt-wearing cunt, who loves “soccer” because it’s “the beautiful game” and other such fucking nonsense. Well I love this shit because it’s fucking ugly as hell and will drive me to an early death, by my own hand or someone else’s. You ever sit on a bus for six hours, “enjoy” a 0-0 draw between Charlton and Manchester City in some soulless hell-hole of a bowl stadium? Beautiful game my fucking ass. This is torture, and I’m the most enthusiastic masochist of them all.


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