MLS Sponsors vol. 2

Ok ok ok… so this one is for real.

According to Luis Arroyave’s blog, Best Buy is the new jersey sponsor of the Chicago Fire. Which, is a double edged sword in my opinion. Am I happy that all the “drama” about who our shirt sponsor is going to be, after rumors of BP, Wrigley, McDonalds, Motorola, and various fan cries for the likes of Smirnoff, Old Style, Goose Island, Playboy, (completely ignorant of the fact that the ever increasing “family friendly” push of the MLS would never allow something so degrading on the front of their kits that could, in any way, further corrupt the youth of America. but the MLS ruining soccer’s atmosphere is an entire different rant altogether and best saved for another day), and Harold’s Chicken Shack (I’m not even going to lower myself to comment on that one). And taking a look at the other sponsors floating around the league, one could do a lot worse than the global electronics giant that is Best Buy. That said, my fingers are crossed that they find a tasteful way of arranging a best buy logo to fit the red and white colors of the Fire, instead of just slapping a hideous cock-eyed yellow tag on the front and calling it a day.

Sponsors, especially big name ones like Best Buy, joining the league is good news regardless of the stigma it often brings with it. It’s 2008. It’s a global consumerist driven society. Deal with it. Sponsors signing onto the MLS means added revenue and much needed legitimization, after all, we don’t need another NASL implosion on our hands. However, the fact that the Fire is the team to have ended up with this particular sponsor does not come without a bit of irony.

If you follow the team at all, or have participated in any sort of message boarding (yes, I made it a verb), then you would know that the only topics causing supporters more sleepless nights than the kit/sponsor uncertainty, is the Osorio debacle. Despite using his family as human shields, it is widely believed that Benedict Osorio left the club for the New Jersey Red Bulls because he was unhappy with the salary he was receiving from the team, despite having been content with signing the contract for that particular sum only half a season prior. So he did what any other traitor would do, he jumped ship at the first possible opportunity. Cue the great coach search of aught eight. It seems as though every person who has been a coach in the MLS, has been an assistant coach, has coached his daughter’s peewee soccer team, or has ever said the word soccer in a sentence, was a potential candidate for the job. Everyone from Arena, to Klopas, to Mariner has been rumored to have either been interviewed for the position, or at least considered. Finally fans were relieved to find out that the search had been narrowed down to finalists Houston Dynamo assistant coach John Spencer, and Chicago Fire assistant coach Denis “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” Hamlett. New owner Andrew Hauptman was reportedly very hands on in the interviewing process, and with the added salary cap room granted by the dual retirements of Costa Rican “striker” Paulo Wanchope and Fire veteran Chris Armas, everyone was confident they would hire the right man for the job. So you can imagine my surprise when I read this.

Despite the deep pockets that a new owner and two six figure earning retirements brings with it, not only did we lose our last coach over payment issues, but we also lose our number 1(?) choice over the same fucking thing?! So after all the hype, all the drama, the high blood pressure and ulcers I’ve attained over this offseason, we end up with “de fault” Coach Hamlett? How anti-fucking-climactic. Great job guys. Couldn’t you have just given him the job like a month and a half ago and saved us the bother?

Ok. So the coaching deal is (more or less) over. It should be smooth sailing for the Fire from here on out, right? WRONG. After what seemed like a done deal between Fire goalie Matt “Slim” Pickens, once again money seems to be the deciding factor on not so much when, but if Pickens will stay, or leave for a shot at Europe.

So Fire fans have a lot on their/our plate. Thank God that that’s all we have to worry about for now… WHAT THE FUCK?! Are you kidding me?! So now Fire legend Chris Armas has interviewed and may accept an assistant coaching position with Osorio in New Jersey? Fantastic. How much you wanna bet this is because the Fire have yet to offer Chris a serious position with the organization, despite the fact he has helped out in every stage of the coaching search with interviewing and player input and such, and has expressed a desire to stay on with the club in some capacity, because of salary issues? (EDIT: Thank god. Armas not going to Red Bulls.)

The one thing that lends any sort of a “glass half full” outlook on what is going on with the team is mentioned in this blog post by Ives. But one can only take this with a grain of salt, as the FO would have to part with a lot of its precious greenback to sign another DP player, if they succeed in getting one in the first place. Though, it seems like they have no trouble in letting people go, so we’ll see what develops. I, for one, am not holding my breath.

So… Best Buy as the sponsor of a team who doesn’t feel like spending money to “buy” the “best” people for the team? I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of irony. With our tendency to neglect the brand names and settle for spending as little as possible on generics instead, we’d be better suited with Aldi.


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  1. January 12, 2008 at 7:15 am

    Haha, what a clever conclusion 🙂

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