Welcome Back YCIR, and Welcome Back PSG

It's time to wake up this sleeping giant

It's time to wake up this sleeping giant

So, we’ve been gone for a while here at the Your Club Is Rubbish HQ (Current location: my parent’s spare bedroom, Aurora, IL).  I’ll spare you my own explanation as to where the hell I’ve been, but for the sake of keeping up appearances I’ll say it involved copious amounts of liquor, thick-cut drugs, pills, loose cash and foreign hookers (you pick the nationality, it’s not important to me).

Before I get onto the meat-and-potatoes of this post, let me address a few things that have absolutely nothing to do with the focus of this blog entry – the upcoming resurgence of my beloved Paris Saint-Germain.

-the prospect of getting a colonoscopy at 22 is not very exciting

-TNA Wrestling is absolutely unwatchable, I am missing ROH’s next Chicago visit due to work, but Summerslam is actually worth paying for this year.

-How fucking old is Khujo Goodie?  That dude looks at least 50 in his newest video.  Jesus, man, the streets have not been kind to you.

-The new Prodigy video is keeping in step with his other recent stuff and is raw and disturbing as hell, while the first N.E.R.D. video I’ve seen off the new album is a mindfuck.

Alright then, follow the jump for some high hopes for this year’s Ligue 1 season.

Last season was, in a word, a complete footballing abortion at the Parc de Princes.  The club, despite boasting a handful of talented players – most notably young midfielders Rothen and Clemente, and Luyindula at forward – finished an embarrassing 16th in Ligue 1, only a whisper away from relegation.  The team were able to work some cup magic, though, reaching the Cup final only to lose to Lyon in extra-time thanks to what amounted to a fuck-up of massive proportions by the officiating staff.  Somehow, PSG managed to win the League Cup, defeating Lens in a game that, true to form for the past few years in the capital, was overshadowed by the actions of the Boulogne Boys.  Now, I don’t share the Boy’s politics in any way – but the media furor over the banner unveiled at the cup final insulting the populace of the northern region of France seemed to be a bit much.  I’m sure I’m missing some deep-seeded aspect of French culture here, but I know I’ve said much, much worse at many sporting events.  Possibly not in banner form, but still.

Anyway, my (rather long-winded) point is that, despite some minimal triumphs, it seems like PSG’s recent ill fortunes have finally culminated, and it looks as though the club’s lowest point may have thankfully not been relegation.  Why is that?  Because of some absolutely kick-ass transfer maneuvering, that’s why.

In the past few weeks, PSG have picked up the following names; some big and some not-so-big.  Let’s take a look:

Lilian Thuram: Wasn’t sure if I should include this or not, thanks to his recent premature retirement, but this signing really showed the intent of the new ownership regime to remake the club.  Bringing in an experienced older player to bring some rock-solid defensive experience to the club.  I love the deal, and was heartbroken to see Lilian have to go.

Claude Makelele: This one is huge, obviously.  A lot of people scoffed at giving a four-year contract to a 35-year-old man, but let’s be totally honest here…how old does this guy play? I mean, the man is a fucking machine in the midfield, and though I don’t think he INVENTED the position he’s definitely perfected it.  Having Makelele on any squad is a plus, and despite the fact that PSG woes were largely in front of goal last year, this is a massive signing.  Already wearing the captain’s armband as well, which I like.

Ludovic Giuly: Also big, especially for a team so lacking in the striking department ever since the departure of Pauleta.  The winger, who has played for Monaco, Lyon, and most recently Roma, was not featuring in the Italian giant’s lineup and has decided to make his return to France.  32 is by no means over the hill, so he will definitely be a major part of the team’s plans this season.

Stéphane Véron: Just a third-string keeper but hey…who doesn’t love some depth.

I’m not including Kezman in this list because that saga with Fenerbache seems to have no end and I don’t really feel like jinxing anything…suffice to say he could be just the help we need up top.

Honestly, just the names that the club has even been linked with over the summer show that the new owners are not going to be content making headlines thanks to the Boulogne Boys instead of on the pitch.  Louis Saha, Jimmy Briand, and Patrick Muller, among others, have all been linked to the club, with some (Briand) even going as far as meeting with the team.  Finally, PSG is showing ambition, and I love it.

And of course, most importantly, many sports bookers have PSG sitting in the 20-to-1 range to win the league outright, with one outlet as low at 17-1.  I like those odds.

Bring on Monaco and ALLEZ PARIS


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