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I’m Already Sick Of Writing About This

No picture for this post, because I can’t stand looking at that growth on Eddie Gaven’s face.

Attention:John Harkes

Temo Blanco is not the only player who dives in MLS.  Does he dive…a lot?  Yes, and even as a Fire fan I can safely say it’s annoying at the very least.

As a commetator, you are paid to be impartial.  To call Eddie Gaven’s supreme acts of flopping a “slight embellishment” while discussing Blanco’s apparent high center of gravity and saying thing like “it really takes away from the positive aspects of his game,” is a disgrace.

And Blanco’s bitching and moaning didn’t even result in a goal.

Can I make myself anymore clear?  White people dive too.  English people dive.  Americans dive.  Get fucking used to it, and maybe call it what it is.

Oh, and if anyone else want’s Eddie’s phone number and address…see me after class.

Ugly little cunt.


I Am Not A Fan of Yours, Steven Gerrard



What are the odds this makes major news on any site other than Football365, who seem to have a solid head on their collective, proverbial, adjective shoulders?  And even then, someone is going to write some inane column or letter in defense of this garbage.

The fact is, Gerrard is English, and plays for Liverpool.  He’s also a bit thick.  And a bit of a cunt.  But it’s those first two that matter most.

You get xenophobia in pretty much every league in the world, but England (and Spain I guess, let’s be fair here) seem to have a real knack for a widespread, almost institutionalized distrust of the “foreign influence” on the game.

As an aside, make a mental list of, maybe, the 25 best Prem players ever.  There’s your “foreign influence” right there.

But, to so many in England, it seems that playacting, cheating, diving, faffing about, and what have you, are all strictly within the domain of the foreign players. Steven Gerrard, that Scouse bastard that he is, has proven time and time again that this is a world disease.

Obviously, diving needs to stop.  But the blind eye it seems that “Stevie G” gets from so many sections of the English media needs to stop too.

…Oh, and I guess this post means I’m back.  Again.

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